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 Sonia DiMaio | The Hidden Selfie

June 26 - July 13, 2019

Opening Reception:  July 6 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

When I joined Twitter in 2012, I would not have imagined it would lead to artistic inspiration. But it did evolving into the creation of a series of textual acrylic portrait paintings.

Twitter is an odd place. While at times funny and crude, I also surprisingly found connection to certain posts. I recognized myself in other women’s tweets. We would comment on or “like” each other’s posts, and it became a true support system. The unique women I connected with became more and more beautiful to me through their words.

Our friendships evolved further when I joined Instagram. Small and private, my Instagram account has served as an imagistic diary. No longer limited by 120 characters, I could get to know these women better through my preferred medium: visual expression.

Encouraged by these ‘virtual’ friendships to become a truer version of myself, I felt compelled to capture the essence of these women on canvas. I also strove to communicate their impact on my life. I created acrylic portraits which reflect how I got to know them online: a compilation of their “selfies” and tweeted thoughts.

Portraiture as an art form has a long history, where the artist’s purpose was to capture a subject’s likeness. Now, an individual has the power to decide how they would like to be portrayed. By taking a “selfie” the roles of artist and subject become intertwined. Each of my portraits is based on a “selfie” taken by the subject. I chose to paint the “selfies” as a way to take these images out of Instagram, a virtual and fleeting environment, and transform them into permanent/classical portraiture.

Along with my portrait the subject’s “selfie”, I asked each woman to provide me with a favourite tweet that they had written. Interestingly, they rarely selected tweets that were among my favourites. This difference in perception reinforces that social media connections depend on the personal interpretation of the viewer/reader. In most cases, when I’ve shown the portraits to the subject, they are surprised at how they have been represented. There is more emotion captured in the painted version of them than in the original “selfie”. They witness both their strength and vulnerability through my work. These portraits are how I see these confident and brave women. By capturing them in a more permanent form, I am able to see what they do not.

Ms. Sonia Di Maio is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD U) who has worked as an interior designer and project manager, while maintaining her art practice through craft, drawing, and photography. These portraits are completed in a medium she loves and now focuses on, painting.

Image Sonia DiMaio


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