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May 14 – June 3

Gala Opening May 17 -  7:00 pm

 4 Art’s Sake

4 Art’s Sake is a show by 4 artists who are connected by friendship and art....different styles but same passion.

Our 4 featured artists are:

Corinne Cameron — Just like the Group of Seven members Corinne started her career as a Graphic Designer. After her life took a dramatic turn, her friends and family encouraged her to return to the art that brought her joy. As an encaustic artist she loves that wax has a life of its own and although never really sure of the final product, the joy of responding to its changes is so much fun. She sees art as reflecting life in that we must continually respond to the changes.

Kathy Hubley — Our world, awesome as it is, can be a painful place. As Kathy developed as an artist she found that her ultimate desire was to create art that heals by inspiring deep joy — joy that can come as we draw on the Biblical principal of dwelling on what is true, honourable, just, pure, and lovely — focusing on the good and cultivating a thankful heart. Her desire is to paint something that reminds you of the good and lights your pathway to joy. She is an encaustic and mixed media artist.

Mike Huggins — Always interested in the human form and the expression of the individual within paintings, Michael’s subject matter focuses heavily on people. Influenced by his applied arts and design background, Michael’s unique approach to painting is to express creative versatility by applying a multi-style, multi-technique approach to the subjects he paints. He works frequently in both Oil and Acrylic.

Hoda Nicholas — Hoda is a Canadian artist born in Cairo, Egypt. Her journey with art started a long time ago with a passion for all expressions of art and everything beautiful. She is self-taught and primarily paints in Oils. Hoda uses colours expressively and vibrantly. Her intention is to evoke a feeling, rather than depicting a realistic representation of the subject, allowing the viewer to interact with the paintings at a more emotional level.

We would love to see you at the Opening Night Gala or during the duration of the show. Please invite your friends along as well!

       4 Art's Sake