The Holcim Gallery

Photo Gallery: The CRH Gallery will appear here on the public site.

Gallery Rental

The Holcim Gallery is a spacious room with up to 150 feet of wall hanging space. The gallery has two movable walls to customize the space and an easy to use track hanging system. The gallery is well lit, with glass doors that open onto the Cogeco Escarpment Hall, offering a view of the exhibition anytime the Arts Centre is open.

The gallery welcomes artwork from individual artists, artist collectives, art and historical societies, independent curators and other organizations. Exhibitions run for a duration of three weeks.

Rental fee includes the following services:

  • Installation of artworks
  • Printed labels of artworks
  • Printed catalogues
  • Promotion through website and social media
  • Artworks insured for the duration of the exhibition
  • Opportunity to host an opening reception

Rental Rates


All applicants are required to submit an online application and support materials, which are reviewed by staff. For additional inquiries please contact us.

Milton Room Showcase

In addition to the Holcim Gallery, the Milton Room (located at Milton Town Hall) provides space for 1 – 15 works of art at one time. The primary function of this space is as a meeting room, but has a track hanging system that can accommodate 2D artworks. While the Milton Room has been designated as a public meeting room, featuring the work of local artists, both amateur and professional, it aims to increase the profile of the arts in the community and to introduce the public to the talents of Milton artists. It can be booked seasonally for a three-month exhibition.  Application details